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The team behind NicoleTaneff.com

Nicole Taneff - Graphic Designer

Nicole Taneff

the designer behind NicoleTaneff.com

Mother of a boy (Alexander)

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Ivan Georgieff - Good Art Shop

Ivan Georgieff

Product manager

Father of a boy (Alexander)

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Dani Cholakoff - Good Art Shop

Dani Cholakoff

Customer care

Just married

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Our mission: Creating products for a better life.

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Nicole's story

My name is Nicole Taneff. Ever since I was a little girl I felt an attraction to the world of design and more specifically to the world of home design. After a while, the attraction turned into a passion that as a result made me try to accomplish a bold dream of mine - creating my own home interior design brand. But not just any brand, but one to possess the needed factors to win even me as a client.
That’s how ‘Nicole Taneff’ was made – with this project I risked a lot of resources, labor, emotions and time. But judging by your great reviews, the risk was completely worth it!
Just two years after it was created, Nicole Taneff made thousands of clients happy and satisfied and those clients brought a piece of me into their homes!

I always rely on two things:

Create a design that stands out.
Make products of the highest quality.

My main purpose is that my clients are always satisfied and that through their purchases they feel at least a small part of the passion and eagerness that I put into my products.
I believe designing is a way of thinking - not just a job. I love my job and would like to thank all my customers who support what I love to do - Designing products for a better life.

How we create our products?

Unique design - good art shop

Each product comes with a unique design by Nicole. Custom designed with the latest interior design trends. All products can be customized and personalized. Our most popular products are mandala bedding sets and boho wall tapestries

Handmade bedding sets from Good Art Shop

Every bedding, tapestry or other products are handcrafted and fulfilled inhouse. From design to packaging, we make sure that all products meet the highest standards possible. 

Gorgeous products from Good Art Shop 
Since 2017 we sold more than 1800 bedding sets and wall tapestries. We've received 240, 5-star reviews. That makes us happy.

What we create?

At the moment we have 5 categories with products:

Category Bedroom where you can find: Mandala bedding, Boho duvet cover sets, comforter sets, and boho wall tapestries.
Category Living Room where you can find: Window curtains, tablecloths, and wall tapestries.
Category Kids Room where you can find: Kids bedding, Kids duvet covers, Kids comforters, Kids wall tapestries, Kids window curtains, and Kids fleece blankets
Category Personalized where you can find: Personalized bedding sets, personalized duvet cover sets, personalized comforter sets, personalized wall tapestries, and personalized window curtains.