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Useful Tips for Choosing Linens
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Useful Tips for Choosing Linens


Do you want to upgrade your bedroom with new decor patterns without wandering around the shops? Choose quality linens from artisans themselves. It is proof that crafty masterpieces can be fashionable and stylish. You can order bedding sets and duvet cover sets for any solution and interior.

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There are a few basic things to keep in mind when choosing linens, namely: size, fabric, correlation price/quality, and last but not least, their design. 

For starters, you need to know the size of the beddings you may need. It is not advisable to buy a larger size than your duvets are, because aesthetically it does not look good and is more difficult to use.

In most cases the sizes are standard. For single size beds, duvets are 140x200cm and for a double bed, choose 200x200cm or 220x200cm. 

The choice of fabric is very important. Material is the main factor, which gives more of the comfort you need. Cotton is always a good choice, preferred fabrics by most of the picky customers. It has a very pleasant touch and its material offers a great variety of patterns.

Cotton beddings are airy and absorb moisture well. Along with it, the quality of cotton is not inferior to cotton satin. The difference between these two fabrics is that the cotton satin provides a nice shine looks of the beddings and extra softness.

Cotton satin has a sensual touch, which is unique and creates a sense of fabulous luxury. Another item you can find on the market is polyester beddings. It is relatively cheaper than cotton and also offers a variety of patterns. By contrast, this fabric is a little rougher and not so soft.

Life is so simple and precious, whenever you have a chance to let beauty in your house after all.

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