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Start Your Feng Shui Experience Now


Feng Shui is an ancient system for balancing the good and the bad, of Yin and Yang. Here are some feng shui designing and decorating tips that will help bring a good Qi (energy) into your home. Below you will see some easy ways to fill your bedroom with Feng Shui energy. If you want to transform your entire house according to the principles of this holistic method, and then make yourself a decent interior designer, simply follow some of the ancient philosophy rules and requirements. 

First, clear the space near your front door. Do not leave anything that prevents good Qi from entering your home. Do not place shoes in that place, so it can look neat and more appealing.

At the front door, place a statuette of a pair of Fu dogs that will protect your home and business from negative energy. If space there is too small, you can also place the sacred objects inside the house.

Second, but not least, look at the basic colors in the bedroom. According to Feng Shui, they are significant for the energy of the room. Fiery shades, such as red, orange, purple, pink, and deep yellow, contribute to passion and energy, as well as to professional success.


Earthy tones, such as light yellow, beige, help ensure your home's stability and livelihood, as well as protect your romantic relationship.

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Metallic colors, such as gray, white, give mental clarity and precision.


You will gain sharpness and precise mind, and become more effective in your daily routine. While the pastel colors, such as the light shades of blue, pink, green, purple, contribute to the feeling of complete relaxation. With light, soft, pastel tones in the room where you lay down to sleep, you will enjoy a charming time for rest, the full calm of body and mind.


It is important to keep your bed as far away as possible from TVs, computers, desks, and books - anything that would distract you. The best option is if they are not at all in the room where you sleep. However, if you have no choice, at least their distance from the bed will prevent them from taking away the positive energy. It is advisable to at least cover them with a light scarf or blanket while not in use. You could also enclose them with a Japanese folding closet, if possible to fit into your interior. This way you can truly relax in your bedroom. Also, do not place too many objects in the place, which would take away your energy.

To balance the energy in your room, you need to create symmetry around your bed. The easiest way is to place the same nightstand on both sides of it with similar design lamps on top. This will also help to create the right lighting in the room. The balance you create in the room will reflect on your relationship with your partner. Keep in mind that the cabinets should be curved because the square ones intersect the Qi energy, which could be important for your comfort. Pay special attention to the mirrors as well. It is best not to have them in the bedroom at all, because they are too energetic for such a relaxing room. Similar is the case with flowers. Nevertheless, mirrors can also provoke a feeling of distrust between you and your partner. If you still want to have a mirror in your room, then at least place it in such a way that it does not reflect the bed and is not on the door of a wardrobe or closet. Avoid water paintings, aquariums, etc., because according to Feng Shui, their presence in the bedroom could lead to financial problems.

Let us continue with the look of the bed. It is best to have solid boards. It does not matter if the bed is wooden or upholstered. It will bring positive, protective, and supportive energy. As you sleep, your body begins to recover. It is during that period when your head needs energy support, like your whole body and soul. A good mattress is also required for a good night's sleep. According to Feng Shui rules, you should never take a used mattress because you do not know how much energy it has accumulated from previous owners. Also, since energy needs to circulate your body while you sleep, you need plenty of space under your bed. Therefore, it is better to avoid variants with cabinets below. Also, do not make the mistake of clogging this place with objects you do not know where else to put. Moreover, remember - place the bed as far away from the door as possible, and in no case should the wall behind it have a window. If you sleep with your partner, do not put it against a wall because the person inside would be trapped.

The ancient Chinese Feng Shui method helps to create a balance in our homes, to bring happiness and success to life. When it comes to Feng Shui home design, the focus is on the bedroom - the place of relaxation and energy recovery, the sanctuary in our home. If its interior is by the requirements of the ancient Chinese method, it could be conducive to romance, to a complete rest, to the feeling that we have control over our lives. The important thing is to know how to hold Qi flows and how to repel the negative energy that could easily flow from your room into your being. Your life will become less stressful and more meaningful. Just let your inner light shine in.