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How to Introduce Vintage Style in Your Home
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How to Introduce Vintage Style in Your Home


Choosing a vintage interior looks easy, but it's actually quite specific. Especially when it comes to furnishing the entire home.

Start by selecting natural materials and colors or your vintage living room decor. Paint the ceiling even if cracks appear over time - this will not look neglected but will give it a patina effect. The floor of your home can be of simple old boards or artificially aged flooring you can also very well combine it with boho wall tapestries. Granite tiles in the kitchen are another option, but keep in mind that they are more suitable for villas and chalets than for a townhouse. They are also uncomfortable in the winter as they are quite cold.

Before you start selecting furniture, you need to know that it is not them but the textiles that will make your home with vintage style. Уou can use for this purpose Boho Bedding, Mandala Bedding, Boho Wall Tapestries, and Window Curtains. Bet on decorative items such as tablecloths, pillows, that will only enhance the effect of old-style in the living room. You can use beautiful dolls, porcelain souvenirs, black and white art photos. Put mirrors and family photos inappropriate frames. Don't forget about decoupage items that are just a must-have for any home with a vintage interior. Small statuettes, retro-style decorative lamps will also complement the interior. For more authenticity, you can bet on wallpaper or boho wall tapestries instead of latex. 

lampshades or crystal chandeliers - the choice is yours. Whatever you choose, you will not be wrong, especially if you go with beautifully wrought iron candlesticks. Another option is to brush the dust off the old lamp. It is beautiful and elegant. The flowers are an indispensable accessory for the vintage interior. Put them in crystal vases, but the bouquet should look simple and not "adjusted". It is important to have a feeling of lightness and carelessness.

For the vintage style of the living room, choose soft, unobtrusive colors for the walls and the color of the furniture fabric. Fans of bright accents should know that retro "does not like" sharp contrasts. When choosing furniture, the rule must be that they have a past or at least look aged. Artificially patinated or carved furniture will contribute to this. You should be aware that the retro style fireplace is particularly sophisticated. Made of bricks or stone lining, it complements the impression of coziness.