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Bring a Taste of India in Your Home
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Bring a Taste of India in Your Home


Bring a Taste of India in Your Home

A special feature of Indian home style is the use of natural materials. Also, the arrangement can be in bright colors with a variety of shades. This style uses light textiles, handmade carpets of Cindy motifs, wicker furniture; natural or dark wood furniture, and a combination of arched doors and openings on the walls. It is very important to pay attention to the structure of the used materials when decorating your rooms in Indian-style design.

Traditionally, you can paint the walls in one color. The tones can be a warmer shade of terracotta, peach or chocolate. It is also acceptable to arrange the walls with vinyl ornaments with themed decoration. Alternatively, you can put on textile wallpapers that mimic chic fabrics. The color scheme should match the warm and saturated tones of Eastern culture. You can cover the walls with ornaments or drawings with the same interior theme.

Indian-style floors should also be natural. Traditionally, they can be made of wood or stone. This is because in India is very hot and the stone floors make the rooms cooler. It is a matter of taste to choose from a variety of modern flooring materials, such as parquet, laminate, marble, and others. The color of the floors should be dark, preferably brown or gray.

Bring a Taste of India in Your Home

Indian-style ceilings are traditional with bright ornaments. They can also be from woven fabric. After some time the fabric can wear out, so you can replace it with a new one. In contemporary Indian style, it is preferable to use stretched ceilings, which will certainly make the whole interior more expressive. The color of the ceiling must combine with the color of the walls. It is very important to fit harmoniously together with the tones, without any striking difference.

It is very important to use accessories. They will create the style you would like to achieve. As you know, the essence of that design is small interior things. In this case, use accessories and miniature details. You can buy or sew several colorful pillows, elephant figures on the table, as well as decorate rooms with minimalistic floating candles, bamboo umbrellas, Buddha figures, and others.

By bringing some part of India in your home, your rooms will look either way contemporary and classic, minimalistic and shinier, comfortable and appealing.

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